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Welcome to SG-1 Podfic.

Like audiobooks? Always wished your favorite fic could be loaded up on your iPod or MP3 player for a long trip? Then podfic is for you!

We allow podfic for all genres, pairings and ratings of Stargate SG-1 fic (including crossovers). You may also post recs of podfic, tutorials for specific equipment or software and questions about podficcing.

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    FAQ: What's SG-1 Podfic all about? Check out the FAQ.

    Formats: mp3 format is required, though you may include links to your podfic in multiple formats.

    Permissions: We do not require that podfic posted to the community have permission of the original author (though we do require that the original author be clearly credited in the audio file, and a link to the fic (if available) be included in the post).

    We do strongly encourage you to secure permission first. An author may already have plans to podcast the fic in question, or they may not want their work podcast. We will not get involved in any disputes between authors and podficcers. If the original author of a podficced story requests that the post be deleted, we will do so.

    Podfic projects have the potential to be great collaborative projects, so we encourage podficcers and authors to work together.

    Hosting: Currently we cannot provide hosting for podfic files. We've compiled a list of free file sending and hosting options here.

    Questions: Email splash.the.cat [at] gmail [dot] com, or you can leave a comment on the FAQ post.


    Posting Format:

    Your Name:
    Original Author:
    Title of Story:
    Link to Story (if available):
    Genre: (H/C, AU, Crossover, etc.)
    File Size:
    File Length:

    (you must name the story and clearly credit the original author at the beginning of the audio file)

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